Who Are Our Clients

At IBS Financial Group, we understand the importance of having and maintaining quality relationships. Over the years, we have found that those who will benefit most from our services have the following qualities:

  • Prefer a trusting relationship with a financial professional
  • Value our opinions and experience
  • Want to simplify their life and delegate financial matters to competent, trustworthy professionals
  • Realize the investment management process is about quality of life and goal setting, not chasing hot stock ideas
  • See themselves as Financial Delegators not Do-It-Yourselfers
  • Interested in developing a written financial strategy and sticking to their plan, making adjustments along the way

You can benefit from the decades of experience we have servicing the needs of our clients. We are here to answer your questions and assist you. Providing excellent service to our clients is our specialty. We promise to give you professional, prompt, courteous service...always!

At IBS Financial Group, you are the most important client.